The CHARM Grant

The CHARM Grant offers an opportunity for local businesses to make Grant County’s downtown spaces more “CHARMING”.

Next CHARM Grant ➡➡➡➡➡➡ 2019 Round 3 Applications Due August 30th


Could your business use?…

  • new signage

  • fresh paint

  • window treatments

  • awning repairs

  • landscaping

  • sidewalk repairs


The CHARM Grant is a $1000 matching grant that will roll on a quarterly schedule: March, June, SeptemberDecember.

The CHARM Grant targets projects that are small yet potent. The Growth Council believes that each project (no matter how small) has the potential to significantly impact the business and the community at large. Just the sight of visible improvement—fresh paint color, more light, repaired awnings or sidewalks—can bring new life to a community and give community members something to believe in.

All local Grant County businesses are encouraged to apply, though businesses located in downtown areas as well as projects with higher visibility and community impact will be given priority.

All applications will be reviewed by staff and scored on a 3 point system based on the following criteria:

1) Visual Impact
2) Neighborhood Fit (conformity with any local design standard)
3) Quick Community Impact (timely implementation)


Past Winners:

Los Amores

Winner of 2019 Second Round - June 5th 2019

The 2019 Second Round Winner of the CHARM Grant is Los Amores, a new downtown Marion restaurant. Owners Keith and Judy Bennett opened the restaurant in May 2019 inBoston Hill Center in downtown Marion. Los Amores will be using the $1000 matching grant to put exterior signage outside the building to promote their restaurant and direct traffic to their location in the first floor of the building. Los Amores is currently open for lunch and dinner--go support them and enjoy their delicious food! Find Los Amores at the Boston Hill Center at: 428 S Washington St, Marion, Indiana.